Jay Hancock and Steve King

We provide outstanding training for apprenticeships in Business, Administration, Customer Service, Retail Skills, Team Leading, Management and Enterprise.

Advanced Apprentice Jay Hancock joins the Let’s Do Business Training Team as Training Administrator. Steve King, Head of Training and Skills said “it is great news that Jay has joined us from Hastings Direct.

Having successfully completed an advanced apprenticeship in Business Administration she understands the value of the qualification and is able to support our growing number of apprentices complete in a timely manner.”

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Intermediate Apprenticeships (Level 2)

Apprenticeship Level 2 - Team Leading

This apprenticeship package is ideal for providing an understanding of the roles, functions and responsibilities of a new or aspiring team leader.

Apprenticeship Level 2 - Business Administration

This apprenticeship is about playing an important support role within a business or organisation.

Apprenticeship Level 2 - Customer Service

This apprenticeship teaches you the skills to provide excellent customer service.

Apprenticeship Level 2 - Retail Skills

This apprenticeship covers a range of skills that can be used effectively in any retail environment.

Advanced Apprenticeships (Level 3)

Advanced Apprenticeship - Management

This advanced apprenticeship develops the full range of interpersonal skills and knowledge needed to be a successful manager.

Advanced Apprenticeship - Business Administration

This advanced apprenticeship framework is about playing an important supervisory role within a business or organisation.

Advanced Apprenticeship - Customer Service

This advanced apprenticeship relates to the management or supervisory role of providing a high level of service to customers.

Advanced Apprenticeship - Retail Skills

This advanced apprenticeship provides the skills to lead in a retail environment.

Advanced Apprenticeship - Enterprise

This advanced apprenticeship framework is designed to meet the skill needs of a diverse range of businesses and organisations. It is an excellent foundation for anyone who aspires to setting up their own business.